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The WHOA Horse Industry Organization (WHOA HIO) was established and certified by the United States Department of Agriculture in April, 2010. The WHOA HIO was formed for the purpose of (1) creating, maintaining, and enhancing the methodology for teaching and fostering the prevention of the soring and cruelty to horses being shown, sold, or exhibited; (2) facilitating the taking of lawful available action for the enforcement of laws and regulations relating to or in any way affecting horses being shown, sold, or exhibited; (3) working to achieve compliance with, and enforcement of, the Horse Protection Act, the Horse Protection Regulations, and industry rules and regulations through the operation of the certified Designated Qualified Person (DQP) program; (4) providing a meaningful forum for discussion and resolution of issues related to horse shows, sales, and exhibitions. The WHOA HIO is independent of the Walking Horse Owners Association.